User Experience Designer


About Me

I am the user advocate for my company. I work with newsrooms and revenue stakeholders to make sure everything we design and build has the reader in mind.

I spent most of my career working with technology and interface design for The McClatchy Company's online news division. Shortly after joining, I created a UX testing program on a shoestring budget, which covered little more than snacks and water for readers who would take the time to sit with us and work through tasks to test the usability of our classifieds and news interfaces. Our methodology was straight out of Steve Krug’s ‘Rocket Surgery Made Easy’. It really worked!

Today, I lead a program with a full spectrum of UX testing tools, and have set up a regular schedule of reader interviews and focus groups. Our mission is to create beautiful experiences that bring more readers to our content and balances the needs of our business stakeholders.


UX Skills

  • Analytic Research
  • Card Sorting
  • Data Visualization
  • Focus Groups
  • High-fidelity Prototyping
  • Multivariant A/B Testing
  • Personas
  • User Interviews
  • User Journey Maps
  • User Story Workshops
  • Wireframes

Senior User Experience Manager

This is my current position with McClatchy. I work with business and newsroom stakeholders to make sure our business needs match those of the user. I do this through research, using analytics and reader feedback to provide strategic guidance to our senior management.

I facilitate biweekly usability testing, study analytical data to understand user engagement, develop user personas, create wireframes and user journey maps to illustrate optimized interfaces and UX, and I validate user acceptance for newsroom and revenue initiatives.

  • 7+
  • Years of experience developing and facilitating usability tests and focus groups

This promotion allowed me to focus completely on user research. I work closely with our Creative Director and design teams. Together, we create intuitive and beautiful user experiences.


Senior User Experience Product Manager

I successfully led a design team, tasked with creating a responsive template for 29 daily newspaper websites. Coordinated design work and internal feedback from multiple newsroom stakeholders. Recruited participants and facilitated user interviews and focus groups in several markets across the country.

Served as the Product Owner for an agile team of seven front-end developers, who were responsible for building and testing the templates in a new content management system. Wrote and managed user stories, feature sets, and epics in our Jira backlog. Communicated new features to senior stakeholders as well as to market content producers.

  • 6+
  • Years working as an agile team product owner

UI/UX Product Owner

Participated in strategic planning with senior leadership. Active design team lead and Product Owner for our user interface. Worked with multiple company stakeholders to design interfaces around newsroom and revenue requirements. Worked closely and collaboratively with scrum teams. Participated in agile rituals, estimating, sprint planning, user story workshops, and retrospectives. Coordinated and led sprint reviews with corporate and newsroom customers. Recruited participants and facilitated usability testing on current work.

  • 15+
  • Years of experience as a UX designer